Monday, 21 October 2013

First Attempt

Hello everyone, I am going to start and use board game design idea generator to have fun and exercise my brain and create board game on the spot using the given random of the site So to start I got this random:

Mechanics                        Theme              Victory                   Constraint
Partnerships                      Invisibility       Biggest Combo        Can’t have cubes
Variable Phase Order

At first, mechanics, variable phase order? First light that turn on in my head, Puerto Rico, one of my well known game that is still in my top 5 games. Second Partnerships, so I guess I have to include some kind of team versus team or option of giving alliance within the game play.
The theme is invisibility, is that for hidden information, spy type character or something similar?
Victory, having the biggest combo, seems straightforward.
And the latest, the constraint, can’t have cubes. I would guess it includes and not restricted to cubes, otherwise it seems trivial and just replace cube by cylinder? Anyway I will not use any kind of wooden component beside the “meeple”.
So, a game where phase order is not always A-B-C with possibility of alliance with a theme around invisibility that can’t have cubes and the point of the game is to make the biggest combo.

Let’s start!
First thing first, brainstorm.
I am thinking around using ghost type character (meeple), game with 4 players.
With a random phase order which would state, “human phase” where human appear on the board, “setup phase” where you would select the next section to scare and “buy phase” where player would have choose of choosing addition upgrade for their ghost.
And a starting choice of alliance, for a 2 versus 2.
The point would be making a streak of scaring human within a city.
I think with this first brainstorm I have a good idea of what comes next.

Here a rough idea of the board

Now I have to add cards for the upgrade and I would a dice to tell how many “human” go in each section and I would use plastic small human meeple as props (similar to imps in Dungeon Lords/Pets).

Upgrade would look like:
Rusty Chains: scare +1 human in back alley. Green Goo: scare +1 human in sewer. Radiant Looks: scare +1 human in direct spotlight.
Electro Touch: scare +1 human in parked cars
And some other card could have +1 and -1 to 2 different section.

Here the Overall of the game:
Title: "Ghost Competition"
Includes: 20 upgrade cards, 6 different colored ghosts meeples along with 6 colored circles tiles (to known who is which color), a 6 sided die with number from 3 to 5 (3-3-4-4-5-5), 3 small tiles depicting turn order (“human phase”, “setup phase” and “buy phase”), 30 small plastic humans meeples.

How to play:
Choose team for a 2 versus 2, choose a random person to be player “A” in each team and choose a random starting team.
Shuffle and place the upgrade cards near the board.

Turn order is always: player “A” from the first team choose and then player “A” from the other team, the last player of the first team and then the last player of the other team.

Phase 1: Randomize the turn order tiles and put them from top to bottom or left to right as you choose.
Do the turn in the order of the tiles

Human Phase: Roll the die for each section of the map; place the numbers of humans in that section.

Setup Phase:In turn order chooses a section of the map.
Each ghost scare a base of 2 humans, plus and minuses bonuses of upgrade and section.
If the amount of human scared with both player is higher than their latest scared number they discard what they had keep that amount, otherwise they discard all humans from their section.

Buy Phase: Reveal 4 card of the deck.
In turn order chooses an upgrade card.

At the end of every turn, switch the first player to the other player of the other team (the non-"A" one)

Game end at the end of the 5th turn (after all upgrade cards have been depleted)
The team with the highest number of human wins

Last words: I hope it all made sense and that everything is understandable.
Should I have gone with more in depth rules? Comment? Anything?

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